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Critical Thinking Learning Labs (CTL2) is a technology development company dedicated to bringing the power of technology and personal computing to the world of eLearning. Since 1994 we’ve built systems that range from custom certification training platforms for large technology companies to on-line curriculum management systems for continuing education. We design and build these systems with re-usable learning objects that bring significant cost savings while delivering a high-quality learning experience. Our learning concepts focus on affecting critical thinking skills in which learner’s improve how they think while they master new knowledge.

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We specialize in course and assessment creation. They can work indepently or together to maximize learner retention. We can do a custom job, or, we can build on our framework to keep expanding your solutions and keep you "current" for the long term. In both cases you can have a tailored solution without the bloated mass produced on-line courses, and restrictive commercial tools that are current these days.

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We share all the imporatnt topics that have led to our superior solutions.

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